Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Another start

I started this blog over a year ago with all good intentions...that fizzled fast! But today is another day!
A lot has happened in the past year, the biggest being I got married. "Let's get married in Vegas," he said. It sounded so easy. Not :) :) There's the question of where to stay, what chapel to choose, what dress to wear. The second time around isn't any easier; it's just different! But when all was said and done, our wedding was perfect. We stayed at the Bellagio, were wed at Little Chapel of the Flowers, and I ended up wearing the first dress I tried on. Our room at the Bellagio overlooked the fountains -- water choreographed to music. It was amazing!
The wedding dinner at RM Seafood.

The fountains at the Bellagio.

Of course, once we got home, the real fun started -- moving his stuff to my home, now our home. After packing boxes, falling over boxes, lugging boxes, and dealing with movers who were, well, not so bright, I am convinced moving ranks right up there with death, divorce, and bankruptcy. It probably leads to any or all of those plagues more often than not. We are trying to tackle one or two boxes a night, and have done pretty well at that, but it doesn't seem to be making a dent. Could those boxes be multiplying at night???

Our big challenge now is to get the three cats to get along. Chaucer is on one side of the house, Brillo and Bailey on the other. Our two attempts to get them to co-mingle have been abyssmal failures. Oh, well, tomorrow is another day.

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