Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow snow go away

It is now official. I am way over winter. Way over snow boots. Way over shoveling FEET of snow. I generally protest violence against animals, but if anyone in the Northeast wants to clock Phil the groundhog upside the head, I'm right there with you.

Now that my whining is out of the way, I must comment on the truisms of life that snowstorms, in fact all natural and manmade disasters big and small, confirm.

The snowstorms this winter have reiterated to me that God does answer my prayers, although sometimes I really have to look for the answers. I've come to the conclusion He's just not that fond of the lightening bolt thing any more. My husband of all of eight months, Bate, has a heart condition, and my heart stops every time he lifts a snow shovel. And that's been a lot this year! This storm's 18 inches of snow is more than we generally get in a season, and this is the second time it's happened since December. While I was napping after our first foray outside to shovel, my prayer "Please God, keep him safe" was answered in the form of two strapping young neighborhood boys who, trying to earn some spending money, came by and offered their services. It wasn't exactly what I was asking for, which in essence was,"please, don't let me have to call 911." But in truth, that is what I got: I didn't have to call 911 because Bate overdid it, and my driveway is now shoveled. I can get to work on Monday. Yippee! I think.

Snowstorms bring us together, too, even if it is just to whine about how sick we are of snow. My new neighbor, Carolyn, and I got to know each other a little better this past Wednesday while we were shoveling out from the second snowstorm of the week. We've yelled hello across the street or waved as we drove off to work or errands. But we've never really chatted before. I can't help but wonder if winters like this aren't God's way of saying "stop and smell the roses."

And all of the snow this winter has made me realize all over again how beautiful this planet of ours is. Sure, it's a pain in many anatomical locations to be shoveling every weekend, but whenever I took a breather to lean on my shovel, I saw this incredibly beautiful landscape. I pray that we won't destroy it -- and that God is answering that prayer but I just haven't seen it yet.

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